The collaborative project of artists Katharina Stoever and Barbara Wolff, started in 2005, consists of the never ending reproduction and transformation of a luxurious and decadent Romanian palace through a wide variety of mediums and tactics.

Onward onto the shining splendor of timelessness ! I see the palace folding, pulled by gracious typhoons. Hear twin wavelengths, fluttering clear-eyed expansive Rorschach moths kiss Ruin, chandelier gilded wings still twitching, consumed. And so they meet and so the cracks run across these hallways where history was stitched together. And so maybe, oh dwelling, to come into eternity is to be pierced and thorn, still you shed skin pyrotechnically. Now amber devours you, contained in mutating memory, a lonely dancer whose ripples are pixelated ever breeding legion.


All Rights Reserved to Peles Empire

Photos by Peles Empire and Wentrup Gallery

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