With a long career behind her, Phyllida Barlow has been given the spotlight of the British Pavilion and turned the neoclassical building into a joyous and rough universe with her project “Folly”.

In that age rich in clumsy wonders, they invited themselves into the still thin air, shy but certain in their greatness. Sliding off sharp edges, friction only produced by colors learning how to transfix. The wind has aged, the mature pigmentation secure in the wavelengths they inhabit. Still, when the scaffolds are raised, they stretch into this other time. Membranous limits pierced, a monsoon of cocky monumentality relentlessly dismissive of physics comes through and floods the stiff marble halls. A mocking leviathan begins to condense out of the raucous humidity , his whims a tale of Utopian defiance.



Below you can find a selection of previous works from the artist

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