Artist Li Bin has two studios, the first designed by Isozaki and the second one by WUtopia Lab. With this project Li wanted the renovation to shift the living functions from the first studio to the second one, in this way the first space has been repurposed as his own museum, while the second has been converted into his house.

The spaces are connected by a bridge between the two second floor bedrooms. The intervention by WUtopia Lab includes on the first floor two storage spaces, a garage, a tea room, and a living room which contains the kitchen and the dining room. On the second floor there are “his” and “hers” bedrooms and a studio which can be used as a servant’s quarter, and a work balcony. The main color inside the house is gray, the perfect background for paintings, but there are some exceptions: one electric blue corridor, the living painted with Li’s trademark color, red. In the southwest corner of the living room ceiling there is an opening, the natural light interacts with the red room and change the perception of it with the weather and the time of day.


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