This biodegradable and compostable hoodie is one of the latest project by Vollebak, previously featured on WeVux. The aim of this jumper is simple: “5,000 years ago our ancestors made their clothes from nature, using grass, tree bark, animal skins and plants. We need to get back to the point where you could throw your clothes away in a forest and nature would take care of the rest.” This is the sincere and bold idea behind the Plant and Pomegranate Hoodie.

It feels like, looks like, and lasts as long as a normal hoodie, but the way it starts and ends its life it’s different. All the materials used by Vollebak are grown in nature: each piece is made from eucalyptus trees from sustainably managed forests before being submerged in a giant vat of pomegranate dye to give it its color.
As it’s made entirely from plants, the hoodie is fully biodegradable and compostable. When you decide your hoodie has reached the end of its life – whether that’s in 3 years’ time or 30 – you can put it out with the compost or bury it in your garden. The hoodie starts its life in nature and it’s designed to end up there too. Launching Plant and Pomegranate Hoodie in September 2020, the waiting list is now open.

Vollebak is a design brand that wants to build the future of clothing. Here you can read more about their Solar Charged Jacket or the first Graphene Jacket, among others


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