RAIZES by Gabriel Sotrati Angelo

Let’s talk again about sustainable packaging with Raízes, developed by Gabriel Sotrati Angelo, student at IED São Paulo. The project was born from the desire to explore the world of biomaterials, biodesign, and regenerative design, and as a critique of an economic system centered on rampant consumption and harmful to the environment.

“From studies to initial results, it took about five months of intense research and experimentation, using the resources I had at home. The project focused on a lodge in the Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brazil. I looked for ingredients present in the local flora, from seeds to materials used in its composition, ensuring that disposal in nature would not harm it but instead make it flourish.” Gabriel Sotrato Angelo tells us.

With the desire to create something simple and handmade, after several attempts, the designer succeeded in developing a compostable material based on natural latex, annatto, seeds and other natural resources with which he then designed Raízes.

The Raízes set was developed to store cosmetic bars in the most natural way possible. At the end of their useful life (approximately 3 years), the bars can be discarded into nature, where their composition and the seeds included in the material will produce fertilizer – fostering new life in the forest and restoring species essential to the biome for which they were designed (regenerative design approach). Essential oils have been used so that everyone has a unique olfactory experience from the packaging.

The material was selected among the university projects featured in the Materials Design Map by WeVux. For more information, visit Biodesign Biomaterial Lab and Gabriel Sotrati Angelo‘s page!

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