First-year architecture and urban planning students at the Estonian Academy of Arts have designed and created a shelter titled ‘READER’, a place where people can get away from their daily routine.

Located in the national park Lahemaa of North-Estonia, READER was constructed within five days and is made of pine plywood panels. The structure stands on three beams supported by nine adjustable legs. The exterior appears to be a cube, whereas in the inside visitors experience an undulating cave-like contours. People are invited to enter the shelter to escape from their hectic lives into the pages of fiction and fantasy. The winding contours inside the shelter are an attempt to imitate the pages of a book, and metamorphose from a wall into a bench that seats three people. The ribbed walls usher in diffused sunlight which makes the shelter a comfortable niche, where anyone can come with a book and forget about all their troubles.


(via ignant)

All images © Paco Ulman

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