Lundgren+Lindqvist is a Sweden based design studio led by founding partners Andreas Friberg Lundgren and Carl-Johan Lindqvist. With an approach that is conceptually driven, the studio has built an international reputation for crafting high quality solutions that are equally compelling to the eyes and the intellect.

Roger Burkhard is a creative web development studio based in Bern that recently turned to Lundgren+​​Lindqvist for a complete redesign of visual identity, stationery and website. With clients from the creative industries, the redesign of RB was made to appeal to the refined taste of the aforementioned. “Roger Burkhard show that they are a design driven development studio who are not only capable of comprehending the full extent of a visual identity, but who also approach their builds with the same focus on craft that many of their clients employ when working on printed pieces. For many designers, this 360° perspective is key when choosing a development partner. All the printed pieces were produced by Göteborgstryckeriet.” The visual identity is presented in an identity guidelines manual, making it easy for the studio to expand it. Along with it the studio designed also a “one-off table sculpture in water-cut and treated steel.”

Visit Lundgren+Lindqvist page to see more about the RB identity redesign


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