By tracing the wrinkles and fantastic organs that compose our bodies, Spanish artist Saelia Aparicio dives deep into our vulnerabilities and corporeal might.

Pale wall. Standing tall and pure. A mirage of white for distant eyes. The kind of cacophony that becomes numb with time. Approach and rejoice! Warm and close is all holes. Tender oozing, millipedal crawling, seekers of degradation. Fleshy thunders, kindly gastric ravines, the works! And you are all welcome, all you wreckages, broken rainbows. Be healed by submersion into distracted blues, may each scar be kissed into submission, all inconsistencies expanded and further polished. There are even plans to build together a machine of longing running on dried flesh. So much to do and be, behind the white wall.


All Rights reserved to Saelia Aparicio

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