Sara Salvemini lives and works in Milan, she is an architect and passionate about all forms and ways of representing the city and its spaces but, above all, of how they are lived by people.



One day she was gifted a very precious box of watercolors that, once opened, she has never closed again. Her drawings tell little everyday stories, snapshots representing the way of living and using the spaces of our cities. At the same time, they are testimonies to how today the public dimension blurs into a more domestic and informal one and vice versa. If you have the chance to visit Milan you shouldn’t miss her exhibition, still on show (just three more days!) at Antonia Jannone Gallery : “A city” is a collection of 25 watercolors that have as their main character Milan, with its architecture and inhabitants. “Sometimes there are those unmistakable and representative architectures of Milan”, says Sara. “But other times there are situations that could be everywhere, in other cities (perhaps European). The main subject therefore is not architecture, but men and women that move in a space that always remains in the background.”


All Rights reserved to Sara Salvemini

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