Previously on WeVux with Jungalow House, NEOGENESIS+STUDI0261 is an architecture firm founded by three principal architects – Chinmay Laiwala, Jigar Asarawala and Tarika Asarawala – in 2011 in Surat, Gujarat, India. The studio is a dynamic and evolving practice with a commitment to the inherent value of design to enhance the quality of life at all levels of exposure. In all of their works, they strive to create an authentic “sense of place”, as in one of their latest projects, Sarpanch House.

Located in a small village called Talangpore, this iconic and introvert house is designed keeping in mind the profession of the dweller: the head of the family is Sarpanch (head) of the village, therefore he asked for two simple requirements, an elevated structure and privacy. The context of the house is very rural, on one hand the plot shares a common wall with cow shed, on the other with an open ground for pasture. The house structure is created through cubes and powder coated wood finished aluminum pipes as screen. These add to the overall massing without compromising view and ventilation. These masses articulate the functions of the house while creating a volumetric elevation.

On the ground floor the organization of spaces revolves around the central courtyard, connecting the living room to the office space on the level above. Standing in front of the main gate, there is a spiral staircase which shape creates contrast with the surroundings. Contemporary needs and rural context helped to frame the color palette of Sarpanch house. Earthy tones and exquisite furniture intermingles to create a unique outlook.

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