Newtab-22 is a studio founded by designers and makers Jihee Moon and Hyein (Hailey) Choi. They are interested in natural, new or overlooked materials. The studio outcomes aim to critical approaches to sustainability and its significance into society. One of their latest project is Sea Stone:

Sea Stone is a cement look alike ‘’mimic’’ material which in reality is comprised by natural, non-toxic and sustainable materials. It features plastic hardness and aesthetic texture. It’s a zero-waste project, made by by-products of the seashell which goes to landfills after the consumption in the sea-food industry. 

 As wasted shells are the main composition of the Sea Stone, it indicates the up-cycling of the product, using shell after consumption in the sea food market and industry. Every year, 7 million tons of seashells are discarded. The majority of them are being thrown into landfills. Seashells are non-biodegradable and thus polluting the land and water when discarded and the cost of disposing process is tremendous.

Sea Stone project has a positive environmental impact as proposing a potential material which is constituted by wasted seashells.


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