Second Dome is a pneumatic living structure designed by the Spanish architecture practice DOSIS. It is a flexible space that can transform within minutes from a single 65 sqm bubble to a multi-room structure with over 400 sqm and 8 meters height. The structure is a technological artifact that automatically responds to wind and pressure, it needs extremely low quantities of energy for fabrication and assembly. Second Home co-founder Sam Aldenton said: “Second Dome is such a playful space – and shows how our urban areas can fire our imagination, and can make it possible for people to come together in new ways.”

On 1 October 2016, Second Dome has been inflated in London Fields in East London to host free community events for local families and children. The events have been organised by the not-for-profit organisation Shuffle, and include animation workshops, film screenings, pinata-designing and science experiments.


(via domus)

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