Roxanne Brennen, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, has created a range of sensual tableware designed to encourage a way of eating that she claims helps to trigger the same brain activity as sexual foreplay. Her Dining Toys collection was presented during Dutch Design Week 2017 (previously on WeVux)

She says about her project: “In the western civilisation, eating has become very controlled through etiquettes. The tableware that we use creates boundaries and comes along with many rules. Our behaviour on how we eat, what to eat and when to eat it, how to handle the cutlery, how to interact with others at a table, has been set. The cutlery, bowls, plates, glasses are tools that have been created with this code of behavior on how to eat. However, the experience of eating could become stronger along with the reaction we have to it, if we could lose this control.”

 We can experience and discover the taste, smell, texture and sound of the food but not the way of eating it anymore. For this reason Roxanne decided to create Dining Toys, allowing users to eat in a different manner. She wants to provide us the playfulness and discovery we have lost, allowing us to lose control and discover the action of eating again. Discovery tools to increase the pleasure of the experience.

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