Casas de Mexico (CDM) is a Guadalajara-based architecture firm and one of their project is SJA III in San Juan de Alima,  a home with a pool carved into the rocky hillside facing the Pacific Ocean.

Located on the west of Mexico, the house has been designed to work with the natural landscape: this idyllic scenario imposed the programme upon the site as if it had fallen almost randomly, explained the architects in a statement about the project. The roof is draped with vines and its open-plan living and dining area opens on three sides to the panorama, allowing “the breeze and the red sunset light to inundate the space,” explain the architects. Using natural materials such as dark wood and stone for both the exterior and interior of the building, CDM has managed to create a building that is in harmony with its surroundings, but which isn’t overcome by them. A plus of SJA III is the pool, carved into a rocky section of the hill overlooking the beach and ocean.


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