SONAR, Urquiola for Laufen

Milan-based architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, (previously on WeVux) collaborated with Laufen Bathrooms to create a collection of basins and sinks characterized by innovation and elegance. The use of the Saphir Keramik allowed for a reduced thickness in the products, without renouncing to the typical resistance of ceramics.

The collection is distinguished by its thinness and uniformity, which give lightness to the weight. The cannettata texture covers the edges of the products, accentuating the volumes severity, and allowing for an unconventional refinement. The rigorous geometries accentuate the plans and enhance the movements of the water: the inclined surface of the fund leads toward a transverse slot which hides the discharge with a simple gesture.


All Rights Reserved to Patricia Urquiola and Laufen

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