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Arslane Benamar is a Paris-based French designer, he studied Architecture Sciences at the Politecnico di Milano, Visual Arts and Social Sciences at the Sorbonne University. He also spent several years in The Netherlands studying at the Technical Universities of Eindhoven and Delft.

Trained in Italy at the Studio Italo Rota & Partners and in The Netherlands at The Why Factory, MVRDV’s research think-tank, Arslane also co-founded the Revue Oscillations, a French art publication. He also worked as an interior designer on projects such as the Turkish Tourism Office on the Parisian Champs Elysées.



With Sound Jewelry project, inspired by the Italian slogan “Dal cucchiaio alla città” (From the spoon to the town), Arslane recently explored smaller scales of design such as wearables. Born from a challenging private commission for a pair of wedding bands, this project is a contemporary reinterpretation of the most iconic ring designs which makes use of audio data and additive manufacturing technologies in order to create unique pieces of jewelry.

The Sound Jewelry project is a set of rings designed by taking into account the voice of a person. An audio track is analyzed to extract its spectrogram, the precise visual representation of the full spectrum of the sound frequencies. This simple technique allows to produce unique pieces as they visually reflect a virtually unrepeatable sound pattern – the voice of your beloved one, a child’s first words, the barking of your dog, the meow of your cat or your bird’s singing – every audio input can be taken into consideration and processed to create a Sound Jewelry ring. From the decoration to the size of the ring, every ring is made to perfectly embody a measurable aspect of a person’s identity. The use of additive manufacturing technologies, algorithmic and participatory design processes allow the co-creation of a unique and personalized item beyond the use of a conventional catalogue. From mass-customization to production-on-demand passing through parametric calculations, the Sound Jewelry rings collection showcases all the characteristics of the latest generation of design thinking. Every item can be customized by chosing a material among silver sterling, gold(s) or platinum.

Visit Sound Jewelry page to know more and co-design your next ring!


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