Prateek Vatash is a graphic artist and designer, currently based in Bangalore, India. He works with a mix of elements, taken from his interests in typography, geometry, occult, architecture, neon, and retro-nostalgia. His work exhibits contrasting styles, often mixing 2D and 3D visuals, in a vibrant and bold manner that aims to inspire and excite others.

One of his latest project published on Behance is an illustration series entitled Space Escape. The beautiful collection is truly inspired by the 80s but added with a flair of a broad range of vibrant colors. As Prateek said: “This is an ongoing series of illustrations, where I explore and visualize imaginary landscapes and environments in a parallel universe, that I would love to visit. The artworks deal with notions of escapism, nostalgia, travel, and the idea of home.”


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