Spacelovers was founded by an innovative and experienced team based in Lisbon, Portugal. They created their own firm to embody the attitude of intervening in buildings, in a technically informed way, connoisseurs of the difficulties and potentialities of each building, to transform them into valued spaces. Specialized in remodeling and refurbishments, they are a ‘one-stop-shop’ for property owners, investors and real estate agents looking for innovation and professionalism. One of their latest project is the renovation of an apartment in Penha de França neighborhood in Lisbon.

Located on the 1st floor of a 5 story residential building, from the 50s, the space is a 3-bed apartment with a quite uncommon shape. Its structure is composed of perimeter thick load bearing masonry external walls with very thin concrete slabs and interior structure walls of solid bricks.

The purpose of the refurbishment project was to respect its structure and system build and implement a better internal organization of spaces, by eliminating the zig-zag route from one end to the other, giving functionality and contemporary living to residents. The interior was designed to express the openings of the structural walls with timber frames. The new timber flooring with herringbone pattern replaced the original one with signs of mold and termites. Two new bathrooms were created, one enabling a room to be a master-suite and another as a powder room, with a shower to assist the other two bedrooms. Driven by the possibility of having a visual perspective from one side to another, the concept of the project relates to the natural light being the conducting wire. Embracing the depth and perspective of the apartment, the natural light navigated throughout the internal spaces.

Photography by Spacelovers


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