Located just 200 meters from the beach in Gallura, the Stazzo d’Aldia House by Altromodoarchitects is inspired by the Sardinian architecture, characterized by its relationship with the Mediterranean landscape and the building techniques of the traditional rural structures of the island known as “lo stazzo.”

The materials used — cortex, stone, plaster, granite and cotto roof tiles pay homage to the simplicity of island tradition. The slanted roof of the house is positioned along the north-south axis, and cuts along the sides allow natural light to filter. Split into several units, the sections of the house offer a progressive living arrangement that allows liminal spaces to shine. Each room is open to the outside but separated from the next by the structure. In keeping with this balance with nature, positioned between the living and sleeping areas is a closed patio and the living room is completed by a large glass wall with views onto the Sardinian landscape.

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(via ignant)

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