Studio Erik Olovsson is a Stockholm based design studio. It was founded 2013 and works within the fields of product, furniture and graphic design. Studio EO has a focus on “improvisation and joining materials in new ways. The studio aims at having an intuitive and experimental starting point in the projects and works in a mix of self initiated projects and commissions.” Below you can find three projects by Studio EO, Sine Collection hanging system, Drill vases and Indefinite vases:

Sine Collection is a hanging system for clothes inspired by the regular tempo of sine wave. Studio EO are re-launching this system that creates evenly spaced hanging points to give the clothes a more organized presentation. The new clothes racks are refined in both construction and form and produced by skilled craftsmen from Finland and Italy. Six new colors will be presented in three sizes – small, medium and large, with bases made in pigmented pastina-cement matching the colored solid aluminium racks. 2020 (via



Drill Vases are an exercise in improvisation. The origin of the project lies in Carrara where the studio found and started collecting the small fragments of marble discarded by quarries. Working in the workshop with only hand and hammer, the vases bases are energetically and roughly hewn out from the collected marble. These unpredictable and chaotic forms are precision drilled to form an opening in the base. Each piece is completed by a heavy, hand blown glass vase that rests in the drilled hole. The geometry of the glass provides a sense of order and control in comparison to the spontaneity of the marble. A contrast that elevates the brut nature of the marble further. 2019

Photography by Patrik Lindell



Indefinite vases project is an exploration of the relationship between geometric and organic forms – transparent and opaque. Indefinite melting materia interacts with definite angular forms and gravity determines the relationship in between. Indefinite Vases are sculptures or containers. Functional or decorative. The contrast between the cut stone and the form of the hand blown glass emphasizes the relation between space and object, an interplay between a fragile material and its solid counterpart.

Galerie kreo, 2016
Photo Gustav Almestål



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