Suave is a young multidisciplinary design studio based in France, founded in 2017 by Valentin Amossé. Suave’s area of expertise lies in brand development, and business communication strategy, the studio develops unique creative concepts to transform, inspire, and motivate through resonant experiences. “Suave engages your senses in an aesthetic dimension of the future. Avant-garde, yet timeless this is the essence of Suave.”


“Emotional and Delicate, yet Powerful and Innovative, Suave engages your senses in an aesthetic dimension of the future. Contemporary, avant-garde, yet timeless. This is the essence of Suave. / Our conviction leads us to create intelligent human-centered relationships through open dialogue. / We envision and create holistic design strategies which constantly evolve through usage and functionality. / Always looking forward, we at Suave庐 aspire to continually be leaders in our respective fields of expertise.”

Suave studio created a two poster series, Virtual Love and Pure Body, to explore and promote the studio’s creativity on prospective thematic and futuristic aesthetics. The project questions how we consume and how we receive information in the digital era, even more widely it asks ourselves about practices concerning new media, new technologies and tomorrow’s society (AI, automatization, technological singularity, social networks, globalization of consumer goods/ideas/standard of beauty).


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