Studio Roslyn is an interior design studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They are specialized in developing design solutions for the built environments that are integral to the success of their client’s businesses. As they say, “Put simply, we believe that creativity is not in conflict with commerce. Our work crosses the boundaries between art and design, fashion, and architecture—while keeping a sense of vivacity throughout. Roslyn plays the role of our muse and is at the core of what defines our spirit, ethos and aesthetic. Roslyn is fearless, provocative, and intelligent.”

The studio recently developed the design for Superbaba, a Middle Eastern fast food, inspired by the four owners’ family histories, “grungy” signage, and menus with brightly coloured photos. The service area, positioned beneath a lowered portion of ceiling with a curved front, is demarcated by a speckled quartzite countertop that sits on blue-fronted cupboards. Globe-shaped pendants from Viso Lighting help to illuminate the space, along with neon signage and light boxes that also reference fast-food spots in Lebanon. The arched shapes are echoed in wall murals painted with blocks of light blue and forest green, while the back-of-house corridor is painted entirely in a trendy pale pink. The artwork on the walls was created by photographing Superbaba’s dishes, and then collaging and distorting the images. The project elevates and pushes the expectations of quick-service, fast-casual restaurants.


Photography by Lauren D Zbarsky

All Rights Reserved to Studio Roslyn

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