David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem have established their studio david/nicolas, in Beirut in 2011. Their projects are characterized by an innovative approach to contrasting materials and a timeless aesthetic.

Supernova is their latest project, a minimalist collection of new works realized for their inaugural exhibition at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, a solo show opened on the 24th of January.

david/nicolas bring two distinct bodies of work that explore different sides of the pair’s multi-faceted practice: Constellation and Monocle, each an interpretation of a post-explosion phenomenon. “The death of a star results in either a black hole or a supernova, here, death is only a transformation, it outshines everything else and evolves into a new life. It reminds us of Beirut, this city that was reborn over and over again, a place where time and space are different, where beauty is in the small things or even in the memories of it” – david/nicolas.

The collection is composed by a wide range of tables, two cabinets and a rug. Visit Supernova to know more about the exhibition!


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