Germain Bourré is a French designer based in Paris. In 2005 he established Germ Studio, with the intent of further exploring the multidisciplinary aspect of design. This quest led him to areas of design which are traditionally less explored, with a special focus on plants and edibles. The spectrum of his work embraces different scales, from the object to spatial interventions.

Surfaces Comestibles is an installation at Les Docks, in Paris, that he created with Lina Tornare. Comprising several rotating panels made out of cardboard, wood chips and ground coffee, Surface Comestibles is home to a growing community of oysters mushrooms. La Boîte à Champignons provided the mushrooms. The idea to develop a mushroom farm came up as a response to the limited amount of natural light that reaches the space. However, the installation works additionally as a research tool in order to investigate possible uses for the system. With the growing hype of urban farming, this could be potentially something that people might have at home.

Surfaces Comestibles is also joining this year’s Paris Design Week, when the installation will receive special lighting.

For more, check Germ Studio‘s website!


Pictures courtesy of the designer. All rights reserved to Germain Bourré.

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