TZKE is a Poznań-based design studio, Poland, specialized in branding and web. Damian Skotzke is an art director and the one-man design team, who’s working with awesome freelancers and creative people dealing with illustration, photography, video production, animation and branding. He recently created this brand identity for the local startup Surge Cloud:

“Surge Cloud is a multidisciplinary team of specialists working not only in technology, but also in sales and marketing. The team needed a visual identity system which will be used and further developed by them. After a couple of regular meetings and workshops, together we created a modular concept of brand’s key visual, which refers to its technology and product strategy. Just like scientists explore new galactics, planets and stars, Surge Cloud explores and develops new solutions in technology, which translates to the choice of colours and the idea of joining modules used in brand’s visual identity.”

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