Tadao Cerniauskas AKA Tadao Cern, is a Lithuanian artist that tried “a different approach to the art world by studying architecture and then diving deep in to contemporary art field.”

On his page, Tadao writes:”As an architect you are very closely related to human anthropological behavior and habits – you work around them, with them or try to change them. And now as an artist I have the same field of interest – I question what affects human actions in a certain way and can those things be changed.” Tadao considers art as a laboratory for the Homo Sapiens, each art piece is an experiment helping to distinguish our actions/interactions and natural behavior boundaries – as an artist you can document, change, create or get rid of them.

He loves taking everyday objects or occurrences, strip them to their basic concepts and reintroduce them as art. This process works as a refreshment, helping us to see things that we forget and take for granted. His creative style is very much affected by the architectural background too: he works in a very systematic and rational way; “all my artistic decisions are calculated and I’m always looking for most hygienic expressions so the ideas would become as clean as possible.”



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