Wondering in Via Ventura during Milan Design Week 2017, WeVux had the pleasure to meet TALES Chocolate, a young company which aim is to translate the feeling of a location into a tasting experience! Their first tale starts with Gamla Stan, the iconic center of their home town Stockholm. “The atmosphere of Gamla Stan could be described as historic, rustic and inviting, with its narrow, cobblestoned alleys that are always crowded and full of energy.”



They worked through workshops with different people, each one with his/her own memories of the place, to design a tasting experience that defined the core character of Stockholm’s Old Town. The discussions on the location were “related to flavours, textures, scents, and sights, as well as a rich spectrum of social, cultural and aesthetic influences. The chocolate we settled on is 85% dark chocolate with a moody and intricate taste reminiscent of the antiquated streets of the old town. Its lavish, complex character has a dark roasted start and fruity, mischievous finish that instantly reflects both the city’s heritage and its new energy. Visual and tactile sensations are enhanced by the bar’s unique design— a sculptural map of the old town…Handcrafted in Malmö, this fair traded chocolate is organic, vegan and solely made from Peruvian Trinitario cacao beans and cane sugar.”

The chocolate tasting becomes an experience to bring the user to the origin of the product, not only through design, but also with the different taste that each place can carry. Each location translated in chocolate will also enclose the memories of the people that lived that place. “…We’ll continue exploring cities and cultural symbols to find hidden tales and taste experiences that can be captured in the simple luxury of chocolate.”


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