Tamra is a 24-year-old artist from Bangkok, he started watercolor painting four years ago.

“I like watercolor because it is difficult but challenging, it uses water to melt the colors, and it’s hard to control the water. Also, in other types of painting, you can start from painting the shadow and add the light in the last step — but in watercolor, most artists do not use whites.”

Tamra, now also teacher of watercolor painting, believes the best way to improve skills is by learning the basics and practicing as much as you can. “Sketching in location is good experience. In Thailand, you will find that the heat of the air dries paper very quickly,” he says, explaining that it’s harder to fix mistakes once the paper dries. “When I see something and love the light and shade of it, I will take a photo or do a sketch on the spot so that I can paint it at home. I often do work from my imagination and add or cut little details to make the painting look beautiful.”

More works on his Instagram!

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