Maria Flocco has been working as an architect since 2002 and this year she took part in Fuorisalone with her project Telàio, a personal investigation on the way of expression, “more personal and independent, more intimate and emotional, dealing with a smaller scale than the one of architecture and with crafts as added value.”

Presented in the new Isola Design District, inside the exhibition Obstacles&Solutions – organized by Source Firenze and curated by Valia Barriello – the project (telàio means loom in Italian) merges manual activities – linked to childhood memories – to functional and contemporary objects. “The telàio project comes from the idea to embroider a stiff support instead of fabrics, in order to eliminate the separation between loom and canvas. ” The result is a metal perforated sheet that acts as supports for leather ribbons (which take the place of cotton or wool yarns). The final product is a collection of handcrafted coffee tables made in powder-coated aluminium. The dimension and spacing of the holes in the metal top have been carefully studied to reproduce different effects, “the creative possibilities are potentially infinitive and the applications are numerous.”

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