Tessa Silva-Dawson is a process-lead designer maker based in London, graduated from the MA Design Products course at the Royal College of Art. Her ongoing graduating project involves material development promoting the consumption of more sustainable products: Protein is a process-led investigation into the use of milk proteins as a natural material, utilizing surplus milk from the UK dairy industry, and discouraging the consumption of oil-based plastics.



Tessa started the project with an interest in pre-industrial materials, before synthetics were invented – drawing inspiration from the past to influence the future of making. “The material is versatile in both its properties and the processes that can be applied to it. Although typically referred to as a plastic alternative, it also possesses qualities comparable to natural binders, and modelling materials such as clay. It therefore allows for a lot of creative freedom when it comes to designing the various processes to apply to this material; not only can it be treated as a thermoplastic allowing for compression molding, etc, it can also be sculpted by hand.”

Other projects by Tessa Silva-Dawson revolves around process, material, and conceptual development: a handblown glass collection, KANPAI, which pieces are both object and instruments, designed to explore the sound of ritual toasts; and SCOOP, handmade spoons carved from British hardwoods such as oak, birch, and walnut. Commissioned by North-London restaurant Primeur, and stocked in Nook shop for London Design Festival 2014.

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