Textile Museum: La Fabbrica della Ruota, 1878 is a project by Francesco Taurisano that mixes architectural and landscape photography to describe the local textile industry in Biella, Italy, and how this place has changed over the years. 

Francesco Taurisano’s work contributes to the critical reframing of landscape representation in contemporary photography. It offers the viewer a multi-sensorial reflection on our appreciation of the landscape, in which imagination, memory and nostalgia provide the opportunity to explore cultural representation of place. This approach to landscape is inclined to study how the land and its inhabitant are changing, and how they have transitioned into to the current economy.


“My research investigates the beauty in everyday life, the poetry of the trivial, reconsidering the daily and vernacular landscape typical of Italian culture. The images produced become a tangible document and an opportunity to think about the relationship between men and the spaces in which we live.”

The collection produced is a document imbued with nostalgia and collective memory. His will to report from the margins could be described as a peaceful way to deal with the reality in which the ancient agricultural/pastoral world and the industrial one coexisted for decades. In this project photography is used as an analytical tool for theoretical observations, it deals with the relation between the contemporary man and the territories he lives in. It’s a reflection on the landscape transformations, on the visual culture dedicated to the representation of the rural areas, trying to contribute to the definition of a cultural identity in relation with the complexity of the landscape.

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