Los Angeles-based design studio Sitskie have recently designed a furniture collection, The Block System. This series uses a cushioned block system “to give a soft comfortable experience while keeping all the benefits of a solid surface – durability, cleanliness and the beauty of the solid material, in this case wood.” By compressing the wood, the bench gently curves to fit the body when you sit or lie on it. Each bench is made by hand in Los Angeles, from FSC-certified solid domestic hardwood.

“During my time in the furniture business, I’ve learned that people have a love/hate relationship with upholstered furniture. Along with the softness of an upholstered piece comes the natural concerns about damage, staining, dust, life of the fabric and longevity of the style.  The inability to truly get any upholstered product clean without removing covers and going to great lengths is an inescapable reality and a bitter pill to swallow. Through years of trial and error here is our unique solution backed by a U.S. patent.” Adam Friedman, Designer.

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