THE COCOON, SCORE Architecture

Based in Rotterdam, SCORE Architecture is a multidisciplinary practice focused on the fields of architecture, landscape and urbanism. The Cocoon is the studio’s entry proposal to YAC’s tree house module competition: a unique habitat at Vibrac castle in France, where humans, animals and nature coexist in harmony. The Cocoon is not just a treehouse but a manifesto for a new way of living that respects the environment and all living beings.

The Cocoon is conceived to establish a very specific relation to the context, nurturing an environment where local fauna and flora can coexist with human beings: an inclusive condominium.
The location of the two modules emphasize this concept and the essence of Vibrac’s landscape, with its waters and woods: one module will be hanging from the trees and one will be gently floating on one of the Charente Rivers.

The indoor space offers a unique experience of the landscape while being surrounded by the sounds of the water and woods. There is no distinction made between animals and humans and rooms are glued together to create a bubble-like shape. Detached rooms can be added according to different types of guests or functions. The interiors are designed for humans and animals while the external skin provides an environment for plants to grow and naturally creates habitats for microorganisms and insects as part of a ‘living landscape canvas’.

Both modules are formally and constructively consistent with variations in compositions, sizes and openings. The inner rooms are constructed with timber elements and linked to the main bamboo netting structure. This latter works also as a support for the exterior module finishing: an organic hemp mesh. The bamboo structure is interrupted in front of the openings, in order to keep the view open over the surrounding landscape. The treehouse module is firmly supported to the nearby trees with a system of stretched ropes, anchored with steel elements – which do not strangle the tree as it would affect its natural process of growth. The second module gives the illusion of floating on the water edge but is placed on piles.

The Cocoon is an interesting and provocative concept: an inclusive living module, in which humans, animals and nature coexist in harmony.
This idea faces many problems of everyday life and at the same time opens to other difficulties. Nevertheless it is a project that stimulates a fair discussion about our cities and lifestyle, our connection with the environment, themes that sooner or later we will have to face.

Client: Dartagnans


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