The new RIFLESSI collection by Pepita Design

Sometimes, when visiting events such as the Design Weeks and the Fuorisalone, it happens to come across some “unfinished” projects: not so much from the point of view of the design, but rather from the point of view of the finishing, the assembly, the details (an ever-present example is the product with glue smudge). Precisely for this reason, when there are solutions that are perfect to the eye, with a strong attention to the details, it is right to talk about and share them. We found an example of this attention to the product in Riflessi, the new collection by Pepita Design, made up of 2 different seats and a complement: the Daisy bench, the Emily armchair and the Richard clothing rack. Pepita Design is a design studio founded by Alessandra Scarfò and Valeria Bosca. The two designers work in the field of interior, product and graphic design.

Riflessi‘s values are high quality and an ethical and sustainable supply chain for a collection with clean and original lines. As anticipated, every detail has been studied ad hoc and is taken care of to perfection. Spheres, cylinders and planes intersect to create three different products, each of which is strongly characterized by lines and materials – steel, upholstery and fabrics. Each component can be disassembled easily thanks to the bolt fixing.



Riflessi is a choral project, Pepita Design has collaborated with various realities between art, high craftsmanship and design. The partners in question are: Mabo, the metal tailoring, a Turin-based company that operates in the industrial, architectural and design fields, which created the metal parts, from laser cutting to manual polishing. Colori Vivi collaborated on the project by making the cushions for the upholstered seats. It is a sartorial and creative laboratory in Turin that acts in the social field by involving migrant women, offering them the opportunity to train and make their entry into the workplace.

The upholstery is made of recycled fiber panels, composed of: 40% Italian hemp, 40% Sardinian wool, 20% biodegradable PLA. The fabrics for the cushions – researched by Bav tailor – are a ‘save-the-water’ certified wool and silk blend and 100% Re.VersoTM re.engineered wool, a regenerated fabric characterized by a high content of noble materials in a fully integrated production process. The integrated textile supply chain can boast incredible savings in terms of energy, water and CO2 emissions as certified by the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).

Born in London, Bav Tailor is the founder and Conscious Creative of her holistic luxury brand. She researched the certified wool and silk blend fabrics for the chair cushions and produced the kimono jackets in the same 100% natural fiber fabrics certified for their traces of eco-sustainability and 100% Made-in-Italy sartorial production. Member of Positive Luxury, the brand is committed to having a positive impact on the planet, investing in the research of natural and innovative ‘positive future’ materials within a circular business model, guaranteeing zero kilometer and reduced waste production and an ethical and transparent supply chain.

For more information on the Riflessi collection visit Pepita Design and follow the studio on Instagram!
Photography by Avocado Studio


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