After his graduation in Architecture at UACEG, Sofia in 2002, Dimitar Karanikolov moved to UK in 2004 and since 2008 he has been running MESHROOM – architectural visualisation/CG art studio based in London.

On his behance you will find several projects in which photography is the protagonist. Philippines, Bulgaria, Formentera, and also city such as Venice, are just some of the places that Dimitar decided to photograph from above. With the help of a hot air balloon he traveled around the world taking aerial shots of cities and nature. In the gallery below you will find a glimpse of his works, the collection is titled “MYANMAR Temples from Above”.

Visit his website to know more about him and his projects!



WeVux already talked about “photography from above”, with Los Angeles with ArtbyArtLA and Greenland with Timo Lieber, among others.

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