Tomasz is a 3d artist and animator from Lodz, Poland, he is currently studying Animation Films and Film Special Effects at Lodz Film School. Before his studies he previously worked on several video game projects as 3D artist.



When he works, the main source of inspiration is architecture, he told us – “I really admire constructivist and brutalist architecture and I love to base my projects on the ideas they represent.” For his projects, he usually works with Blender for modeling, and then experiments with material and renders with Keyshot; he also would like to start using Cinema 4D and redirect his workflow in that direction. With commissioned works he focuses on the customer’s vision, but with personal projects it is always important for him to experiment and discover new solutions, “not necessarily knowing where they lead or what the end result will look like.”

As much as he loves silence, an important aspect for his creativity is music, it is a starting point for all of his projects – in this case he mostly prefers ambient and classical music. In a few months he will finish his second short animated film called „Opus Vitae” on which he has been working since late 2016. His plan for the future is to continue on the video game projects as 3d artist and after the graduation try his luck in the film industry.

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