Trace is the project that Studio Ayaskan presented for Lexus Design Award 2016. The studio is founded by Begum and Bike Ayaskan, “twin designer duo based in London with a passion to explore the relation between nature, humans, and objects. Their vision is to bring people closer to nature and nature closer to design, and to create dynamic pieces that change and evolve with time.” 

Anticipation was the 2016 edition theme and they translated it in – “expectation of the future… When we considered the theme of anticipation, we were naturally drawn to the concept of time. ‘Trace’ is a clock that uses UV light to invoke a color change within a transparent photochromic solution. Every second, minute and hour is marked by a UV light beam that rotates around the face of the clock. This UV light triggers the photochromic change, leaving a trace of color as time sweeps by. This solution fades back to transparent after around 60 seconds, leaving a trail that completely erases itself. ‘Trace’ is about visualizing the present moment. There is anticipation in the color change of the liquid, and anticipation in how it fades away…”



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