Trace is another clever furniture collection created by the Japanese studio Nendo for Collective Design, held in New York, in May. The collection is made by wood and steel furniture.

“Within the space where we live there are items that “move”. They are furniture, doors and windows – Items that move in relation to our daily activities. Although they may not be visible, we are subconsciously aware of the “traces” of their movements every day. … It is essential for a person who specializes in space design to be even more aware of this, as they have to portray these “traces” onto drawings. In the same manner, by visualizing such “traces” in space, the various movement of a door attached to a simple cabinet was implied. Other “traces” that were chosen were the “trace” of a hanging light bulb swinging left and right, and the ”trace” of a beam of light that is projected from lighting. A reception counter that indicates the “trace” of a door opening was shown like a frame-by frame advance feature.”

All Rights Reserved to Studio Nendo

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