Founded in 2007, Truly Design is an Italian art collective based in Turin and composed by four founders. They meet in the late 90’s amid train yards, abandoned factories and suburbs, experimenting at first with graffiti. Their passion and commitment culminate in a common street art project started in 2003.

“The four artists’ combined attitudes shape an artistic project which lead them to stand out amid the international urban art panorama: the use of perspective and anamorphic painting, which generates visionary 3D images, outstanding optical illusions which merge with the surrounding architecture.”

Their work is not limited to graffiti but is applied in the most diverse fields such as architecture, branding, private, museums and cultural institutions. Truly has worked for brands such as Lavazza, Emi, Adobe, Ferrero, Martini, Adidas, Nike, Samsung, among others. Visit their page to know more about the studio and follow them on Instagram!


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