VANK, funky and sustainable furniture

VANK is a Polish company that aims to create furniture and accessories that respect nature with the help of the latest technologies. The brand believes in a circular economy model that limits the consumption of natural resources, reduces the amount of waste generated and increases the use of biodegradable, renewable and recyclable materials.

Each project is designed with mobility, configurability and furniture flexibility in mind and for each product, VANK says, the Cradle to Cradle principle is followed. The natural material used for some collections of desks, shelving, acoustic panels, offices and mobile walls is VANK biocomposite, based on renewable fibrous plants such as flax and hemp.

The biomaterial contributes to the development of the circular economy and has a negative carbon footprint. Bio-based resources – such as flax and hemp – absorb CO2 from the atmosphere during their growth phase and convert it into biomass through photosynthesis. The quick growth of hemp, i.e. up to even 4 metres in 100 days, makes it one of the fastest CO2 absorbers out there. A hemp field can absorb up to 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare (according to IPCC reports).

VANK relies on the high quality of the components it uses to extend the life cycle of its products for as long as possible. As a European manufacturer, the company only uses parts from local suppliers. In addition, the brand offers its clients a range of services such as furniture repairs, reupholstery, and cleaning also after the warranty period.
VANK is also an example of good practice with regard to gender equality: most of the managers are women. Even the company’s board of directors is made up of 100% women.

The brand offers a wide selection of products: acoustic pods, acoustic panels and walls, seating, sofas, poufs, benches, desks and storage furniture for offices and businesses. The brand exhibited during the Fuorisalone 2024 at the Isola district and is part of the new and free Materials Design Map. To find out more visit the brand’s website and follow VANK on Instagram! Images courtesy of VANK

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