OBBA, Office for Beyond Boundaries Architecture, is an international architecture studio founded in 2012 by Sojung Lee and Sangjoon Kwak, in Seoul, Korea. The studio is committed to multiple options and blended solutions in the context of a fast changing society and emerging issues. OBBA’s design approach starts from a critical survey of the surrounding environment – urban conditions, existing architecture, and a spectrum of elements of daily life. Rather than chase a utopian thought, it is a process of investigating the social issues of today and proposing realistic solutions through design.

They recently completed The Vault House, in the Hadong county, South Korea. Three brothers asked the innovative firm OBBA to design a home for their elderly mother in the place that they grew up. Located at the edge of an urban area, the home was designed with privacy in mind, but where fences could have been, the architects have instead created a screening wall that is part of the home. This wall allows views of the forest and the mountains, whilst maintaining a sense of security for those inside the home. The brick masonry creates a barrier that is both physical and soundproof, an architectural feature that winds around the home. At intervals, this wall extends out from the building, giving way to enclosed gardens that sit between indoors and outdoors — creating a connection between the residency and the surrounding landscape.


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