VERTICAL HOUSE_Mirò Rivera Architects

Vertical House is a private dwelling designed in 2015 by Miró Rivera Architects, the project has been awarded with the 2015 Design Award by the Texas Society of Architects. The building is a five-story house located in Dallas, it was built above the treetops and it offers the sensation to live in the middle of a tropical forest.

Two glass exterior screen walls (18 meters high) enclose both sided of the house, providing structural support. Every space is accessible from a glass-enclosed stairwell. The material palette throughout the interior consists of white walls and polished concrete floors. At the top of the building there is “an inviting open-air roof terrace, which offers breathtaking 360-degree views. A mechanical skylight provides access from inside, and the terrace is shaded from the afternoon sun by an extension of the screen wall, which turns 90 degrees to form an airy pergola.”



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