Untitled Architecture is a team of independent architects united together to create beauty and quality of space, as well as the objects within it, regardless of names and labels. One of their latest project was the renovation of an apartment, located in the attic of an old residential building in Milan, originally a small, compartmentalized, dark space. The project aim was to expand the interior space and change its perception by reshaping the existing geometry and increasing the amount of natural light.

The layout of the apartment is based on a cruciform plan with four distinguished areas – kitchen, bathroom, living and working spaces, all gathered around the central element – the stainless steel column. The bedroom is located on the mezzanine floor, forming the unique geometrical block with the bathroom underneath. Vertical connection is provided by the semi-cylindrical stairs. The curved shape creates a strong contrast with the rigid geometry of the apartment, and it is supported by a light tubular element proportionally designed to emphasize the continuity of the interior space.

Due to the size of the apartment, the build-in furniture is designed along the perimeter in order to, on one hand, leave as much free space as possible, and on the other, to provide the spatial continuity between different areas. The choice of materials is very neutral with the aim to highlight the irregular geometry of the apartment. The bathroom is a clean, white room covered in square tiles with blue grout, which creates, color-wise, a visual connection to the tubular frame structure of the stairs. An additional feature of the bathroom block is the ventilation pipe located on the mezzanine floor, made in aluminum, underlining its presence. The two enlarged skylight windows invite plenty of light into the apartment creating the luminous atmosphere and expanding the volume of the interior space.


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Photos by Giovanni Emilio Galanello

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