Frieder Bohaumilitzky is attending a master in experimental design – previously he graduated from University of Fine Arts Hamburg. For one of his project he prototyped pieces of furniture based on a workshop with soldiers, defence officials and consultants. The aim was to create an attractive redesign of the army’s spaces. War for Talents features a day bed, circular drip tray for boots, and a valet stand – designed after a director from the defence ministry expressed a wish for somewhere to hang his crumpled jacket.

“The idea of covering the sobering, hierarchical experience of military life with aesthetically pleasing design… With this project I want to trigger the discussion of how design is used to create corporate images even in a military context…I found that quite a strange idea, because their idea of an attractive life was pretty different to their military goals…I tried to focus on the emotions that I wanted to be communicated by the objects. It is more about the feelings people get when they look at the objects.”

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