Watly is the first solar-powered computer that purifies water from any source of contamination, generates electricity off-grid, and allows internet connectivity everywhere. It is composed of 4 thermal solar power units, with each unit equipped with an “arch shaped” array of thermal solar vacuum tubes. Each power unit integrates an extendable telescopic wing that is closed during transportation, but that doubles the surface of the structure when fully opened. Inside the main unit is the core of the purification process of Watly, the unique and patented distillation system. Its main competitive advantage is that it requires a limited amount of thermal energy in order to purify soiled water by effectively distilling it, no matter how polluted it is. Watly’s distillation method is 11 times more efficient than traditional distillation processes. Its unique “arch shape” allows the thermal tubes to be optimally exposed to incident solar irradiation during the whole day. It does not need to be connected to an electric grid, Watly produces off-grid electricity to power its own internal electronics (computers, multiple-screens, 3D printers and different telecommunication devices), as well as external devices (portable computers, mobile phones, portable lamps, radios, televisions, household appliances). During its 15 years of service, one Watly can reduce as much as 2500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions(CO2) equivalent to 5000 barrels of oil. With this crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Watly is trying to become our technological proposition and help the first 3000 people. Join the movement to transform the lives of millions of people in need and #bewatly.

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