Made by artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz, Wave Cabinet is the new creation of his series of functional sculptures, which are a mix of craftsmanship and mastery of material into fine art. The natural wood cabinet opens with true delicacy and beauty, each individual slat pulls along the following like a paper fan. With various options of aperture, the artist has re-engineered the familiar process of opening and closing, into rotating and undulating adaptations. He says about it: “I am inviting people to look at one of the simplest forms of furniture design and to forget that we’re talking about furniture, instead to see it as a way of breaking a box. I love the idea of creating beautiful furniture, nevertheless I am much more interested in using the medium as an excuse to trigger people’s curiosity and create a connection with them”. In the gallery you will find also another functional sculptures to understand his way of design: EXPLOSION_maple, glass, and stainless steel, 2014.

More projects here on his website!

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