In places like Tanzania and Burundi sometimes being albino means to be hunted and dismembered. This is based on the belief that certain body parts of albino people can transmit magical powers. At the same time, people with albinism have also been ostracised and even killed for exactly the opposite reason, because they are presumed to be cursed and bring bad luck.

South African photographer Justin Dingwall creates Albus, a portraits project with Thando Hopa and model Sanele Xaba, both with albinism. Learning more about it, he felt necessary to share this work and to create awareness about albinism through art. His aim with this body of work is to portray and inspire another perspective to diminish the myths surrounding albinism. He desires to create emotional images. Dingwall’s pictures allow the viewers to rethink their own attitudes towards beauty.


All Rights Reserved to Justin Dingwall

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