Stoft studio is a Swedish design studio based in Malmö founded by Industrial designer (MFA) Jenny Ekdahl (b.1987), Ola Nystedt (b.1985) and Joel Herslow (b.1983); they focus on the creation of design through research in human behavior, materials and craftsmanship. “Stoft is a Swedish word for millions of small particles, constantly moving and re-arranging into new and surprising constellations.”

“Whittle Away” is a collection developed as part of the “What’s your DNA?” exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2017. It consists of a free-standing cabinet and a wall-mounted cabinet with the outermost layer peeling away: made from pine with a hard wax finish, this unique surface was inspired by the way bark peels away from a tree to release something new and unspoiled underneath. The thin layers of wood are paired with minimalist, vertical strips, revealing colorful wooden panels, a sort of “ambiguous DNA”. The designers were also inspired by heritage, crafts and stories that have been passed down through generations, creating furniture pieces that combine old-school techniques with modern design.


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