Yona is an early-stage experience design concept that reimagines the pelvic exam from a patient-centered perspective, beginning with the design of the speculum. The aim is to transform health care, “one vagina at a time”.
Founded in 2017, Yona is the brainchild of Rachel Hobart, Sahana Kumar, Hailey Stewart, and Fran Wang, designers and engineers at frog design. It’s a work in progress – today a concept and conversation starter.

Yona has been a work of passion, coming to life over nights and weekends. The launch of this site is the fruit of that labor and research.



In creating this concept and starting this conversation, the Yona team strives to be human, “caring with a personality”, inclusive, they want “Yona to be accessible to anyone that relates to these experiences, regardless of gender-identity, race, age, sexual orientation, etc.”. Mature, they call a vagina, a vagina. Straightforward, because they believe you shouldn’t need a PhD to understand what’s happening to your body or going inside of it. Unbiased, as they present trusted sources for accurate, transparent, and evidence-based information.

Developing a medical device takes time. Over the past three years, the team have been working behind the scenes to design and engineer a speculum to better serve patients and providers.
In December 2019, they revealed the prototype at Design Miami, as part of Instagram’s ‘Design For All’ theme. Since then they have focused on finding potential partners with expertise and experience in medical device development and clinical testing who can help them take the speculum to market as quickly as possible. Currently, the speculum is not available for purchase or distribution.

Visit Yona Care to know more about this project and follow Yona on Instagram!
Via Frog Design inc.


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