With the body as their construction and deliberation space, Young Joon Kwak (USA) adopts performance, film and sculpture to bring new life and productive menace to our rusty conceptions of our own physicality and the identities we derive from it.

Pink the warriors of softness, intensified and sharpened brightness to giggle and wiggle the permissive eyes. Metallic shimmers are smugglers searching for new doses of luxury, the kind that makes you sell the whole world away for moments of crackling nowness. Toxic green, growing green, photoshoppable green like our bodies and all their glitches and played-with adjustment levels. Amber, warm fudge like volcanoes springing from meeting skins, tectonic vulnerabilities. And brave gray! Gray not sleepy or muddled, generous gray that brings us back to ur-soups of eagerness where primordial disco balls couple with protozoans, girly cave men, supra-witchery gals.


All Rights reserved to Young Joon Kwak

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